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How's The Popcorn Business? It's Been Nuts Lately!
November 02, 2012

  “How’s business going?” I get that a lot in my little popcorn shop. The truth is that thanks to the unseasonably warm winter and complete revitalization of downtown, business has been pretty good. When Popped!was nothing more than an incomplete...

My Caramel Popcorn Insanity
November 02, 2012

  Caramel has a moody, temperamental personality — sweet as sugar, but capable of turning on you in an instant with seemingly little provocation. It does not wait for customers to decide, nor does it quietly sit back until the...

The Terror Club has a New Member
November 02, 2012

  Last Tuesday I took down all the brown paper covering the windows, turned the sign around from “closed” to “open” and stood back simultaneously hoping that absolutely no one, and everyone, would come into my brand new store, Popped! Luckily,...

Oh Butter, Popped! Shops Locally: Part Two
November 02, 2012

  In 2008 Congress passed an amendment to the “Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act" which defined “locally” as ‘‘(I) the locality or region in which the final product is marketed, so that the total distance that the product is...